Hi, i’m Karel Dobbelaere

in 2009 I started out as a freelance graphic artist. 

Below you can see in 90 seconds

how I can be used in one of your future projects. 

more information can be found on the services SECTION.


my services range from delivering 2D/3D graphic design, Visual effects, Compositing

and/or animations for different media.

ranging from TV/Web commercials, B2B infomercials, 2D/3D printed media…

so BASICALLY anything that can use some awesome graphics 🙂

Because every project has it’s own demands and intricacies,

I will try and guesstimate as best as possible how much something will cost.

Usually I’ll make up a set price based on your information.

The more accurate you can give me the details of what’s needed the more accurate my price will be.

Contact me for more information on what I can do for you.

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